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"Ask A Local Geek has helped us out numerous times in setting up our home network and keeping our computer operating smoothly.  They moved us off AOL, helped us clean up a lot of superfluous software, and they keep our email running despite some of our own best efforts to the contrary."
A residential customer

"Ask A Local Geek helped me recover from numerous problems including several viruses and worms, severe problems logging onto the internet, and Windows XP installation issues. They took the computer and returned it in less than a day, with a clean installation of Windows XP, fully up to date with all service packs and critical updates, all viruses and worms removed, anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed, and I can now log onto the internet with no problems."
A business customer

"We have an RV park and we were having numerous WiFi distribution issues. Ask A Local Geek came to our site, analyzed the issues, and solved our WiFi problems. Their service was prompt, courteous, and effective."
A local business customer

"I procrastinated for years about setting up my web site. Cosine helped me get my thoughts organized and developed a site that visually highlighted my work. Cosine came in under the budget for the site and were a pleasure to work with. Check it out at www.davidteetersarchitect.com."
David Teeters, Alameda, CA

If you want to contact any of our references directly, feel free to send us an email, and as long as it appears legitimate, we will forward it to your choice of referral.  Please use the email address (Referral@AskALocalGeek.com) and don't forget to tell us which reference you would like to contact.